Roundtable Databases

Want to be entered into our database?

The Theatre Roundtable is currently building two databases of Central-Ohio-based theatrical artists: an Actor Database (for local actors) and a Technical and Production Database (for local directors, designers, and other technical and production professionals). These databases will be resources to Individual and Organizational Members of the Theatre Roundtable who may need a role or staff position filled or would simply like to browse Columbus’s talent between auditionsor productions. Both databases are housed in the password-protected Theatre Roundtable members section of the website.

Signing up to be in the database is simple. Our web designer, Joe Dallacqua, also creates theatre practitioner websites under the name Aside Design and will host your headshot (or sample photo of your work), resume, and contact information for us. In order to upload your information, go to and sign up for a basic website (which is free of charge). The Theatre Roundtable databases will pull your photo and resume from your Aside Design webpage, and you can use your Aside Design website freely. You can learn more about Aside Design and their premium website option via the link above. Either the basic or the premium option will work with the databases.

After you’ve signed up, send your Aside Design username and the job title that you would like to be categorized under (actor, director, lighting designer, choreographer, etc.) to Andrew Protopapas at

If you already have a website of your own that’s, no problem. You will still need to create an Aside Design page. Then, send your photo, resume, and the URL of your site, to Andrew Protopapas at the above email.

Questions? Contact Andrew Protopapas.